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What Is a Circular Economy & Can It Help End Environmental Pollution?

Welcome back, Gentle Readers!How are your allergies? For those also suffering in New England, there is the additional friendly visual reminder of fine yellow particles covering everything from windows to cars plus other outdoor inanimate objects. It’s been pretty bad. We might be counting bodies after allergy season is over.You may insert Ten Plagues of Egypt joke here.But I digress. So, we are here because we have wanted to broach the subject of a circular economy for some time.

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Aloha from Paradise & 3 Frequently Asked Questions

Warm greetings from a very, very warm Hawaii – a sweltering 88 degrees today in Honolulu! It’s an understatement when we say we love it here. Indeed, the Big Island’s Kamilo Beach was where our journey began with Movement to help folks shop and live more sustainably. We will be sharing more of that story with you in a sec. First, a big welcome to our inaugural post! We thought we should kick off this blog with a few of your most frequently asked questions.

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